Out of the Box

OOB5 Memory resides


It has been almost 2 weeks that the TTL’s 5th arrangement of Out of the Box has ended, but every moment of this mesmerizing exhibition and contest resides in our mind.

Immensely creative and outside of box pastures were received this year and that was displayed in an amazingly creative manner. Hats off to TTL.

Special thanks to thousands of visitors came to see and praised, which eventually has given TTL the inspiration to step further.

We cannot thank more to Nasir Ali Mamun for giving us his time and gave us the power to go forward, also Tanzim Wahab and MR Hasan gave TTL the strength to move forward. We were lucky to have Anwar Hossain among us, with his motivating words as always.

Some names need to be mentioned here to specially thank for their extra ordinary support and effort of for making OOB5 a success, Avik A Kabir and his team , Jewel Paul, Anamika, Rabbani, Apon and Sharif Ripon. For all the publication, design, idea and curating this A-team worked day and night.


With that also need to thank the event coordinator Shudipto, Munim, Ekram Hasan, Shariar, Pusan, Zaim and all other TTLEC/TTLM members. A big thank to our energetic and dynamic volunteers who worked hard during the exhibition.

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TTL also like to thank all the supports from friends in media from covering this event and the inspiration received. Support from ColorsFM, Daily Start and Shout, Dhaka Tribune and Weekend Mag, Shomoi TV, Prito Reza for inviting TTL in Darkroom and all others.

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This was an amazing journey and hope TTL will continue with the same spirit as always been for last 8 years.

See you all in the coming events on TTL, and please keep your support as usual to move us forward,


Saud A Faisal

on behalf of TTL

Announcement :

One of the picture of Mortuza Alam displayed in the exhibition later disqualified from OOB5 due to TTL’s decision and will be removed from any future reference. TTL thinks photographer used unauthorized  intellectual property and as per rules this is disqualified, however photographer has his own view as TTL received an explanation from the photographer mentioning this was used as a props. However this is completely a decision of TTL and disqualified.



It’s the time for OOB5


                                                                                                                                                                                                (c) Aninda K Avik


Dear All,

This is our pleasure to welcome you all to the 5th yearly contest and exhibition of TTL “Out of the Box”

Like every year we received thousands of entry for the contest and awards will be declared during the exhibition.

The exhibition starts from 24th October at Dhaka Art Centre and will be continue up to 26 October 2014 and Gallery will be open every day 3-8 PM .

This year the exhibition will show you unthinkable imagination and creativity into three categories, Single Photo, Portfolio and Mobile phone.

For each category there will be 4 awards including honorable mentions and 1 Grand award for the best of the show.

Out of The Box V: Award Distribution Ceremony 2014

Date: 24 Oct’ 2014 (Friday)
Time: 3.00pm
Venue: Dhaka Art Centre (1st Floor)

Chief Guest: Mr. Nasir Ali Mamun , Photographer.

Exhibition Time: 3pm-8pm
Exhibition Date: 24 Oct -26 Oct 2014

Venue: Dhaka Art Centre, Dhanmondi Dhaka.

Judge Panel : Latif Hossain, Aninda K Avik, Andrew Biraj and Saud A Faisal

Exhibition installation and Curator : Aninda K Avik

Event coordinator : Shudipto Das


You are cordially invited to the exhibition and I again thank all the photographers and the TTL team behind this great contest.

See you all at exhibition venue!

Saud A Faisal
TTL Admin

on behalf of TTLM


Participants list of OOB5

This is great to announce the photographer’s name who will be participating in TTL “Out of the Box 5” photo contest. OOB has already become the key platform to expressing the immense imagination and creativity, and unlike other year this year TTL received huge response with real out of the box works. So here is the list :

  • General Category
    • Anik Rahman
    • Enamul Kabir Rony
    • Ekramul Hassan
    • Fatima Rasul Munira
    • H. M. Sohan
    • Inzamam islam piyas
    • Jewel Paul
    • Jessica Lia
    • Mysha Islam
    • Mortuza Alam
    • Md Shah Newaz Bhuiyna Nishan
    • Md Fayek Tasneem Khan
    • Md Ahsanul Alam
    • M Razib Hasan
    • Md Kowshikur Rahman
    • Pusan shaan
    • Quazi Golam Rabbani
    • Rajesh Ramakrishnan
    • Raehatuzzaahar Shuvo
    • Raahat Amin Chowdhury
    • Rizvee Imran
    • Rizwan hasan
    • Sohan Rahat
    • Sayen Ul Kabir
    • Shuvajit Das
    • Ziaul Haque
  • Portfolio Category  
    • Anamika Chowdhury
    • Hasan shahriar
    • Jessica Lia
    • Kaisar Ahamed
    • Mysha Islam
    • Nahian Md. Asaduzzaman
  • Cell Phone Category 
    • Mashnur Rashid
    • Mohammad Amir Hamja
    • Nishat Subah Peau
    • Nity Jannatul
    • Qazi Tanjul Islam
    • Rizwan Hasan
    • Saikat Mukherjee
    • Yasir Arafat

Congratulations to all the photographers and hope to see you all in the OOB exhibition at Dhaka Art Centre from 24-26 Oct, 2014. The declaration of the awards will be posted during the exhibition.   Regards, Saud A Faisal TTL Admin on behalf of Judge panel  

Call for Entry : Out of the Box 5


TTL always strives to implement new challenges with its yearly photography competition ‘Out of the Box’. After the four successful competitions in last 4 years, ‘Out of the Box 5’ is started and taking online submission. It is designed to contribute to the development of imaging culture by capturing imagery that depicts the ‘Out of the Box’ sense as the key focus. “Out of the box” is an expression that describes nonconformal, creative thinking. This is an incredible opportunity for photographers to have the photos exhibited and achieve the recognition in TTL, the biggest photography platform of Bangladesh.

Who may Enter
Any photographer except TTL Management Team is eligible for the contest.

What to enter
There are 3 (three) entry categories:

Category A: Single Photo
People’s lifestyle, Portraits, Landscape, Animals, Plants, Geological or Climatologically features

Category B: Portfolio
A collection of selected photographs intended to illustrate a photographer’s style and range of photography.

Category C: Mobile Photography

Any photograph taken by Cell Phone or Tablet [No Square/ 1:1 crop ratio and must be 3000pixel on the longer side]

TTL Out of the Box-5 Photography contest begins 11th August, 2014 and ends 11th September, 2014. All digital entries must be received through the following email or via DVD by September 10, 2014.

Oob5general@ttlbd.com [for Single photo Category]
Oob5portfolio@ttlbd.com [for Portfolio Category]

Oob5cellphone@ttlbd.com [for Cell phone Category]

Winners will be announced on October 2014 (the date will be announced later). Winning photographers will be contacted by email or Phone. By submitting a contest entry, each entrant agrees to these Official Contest Rules (“Official Rules”) and warrants that entry is his/her own work.

Entry Fee (Non Refundable)
500 taka for Single photo Category
600 taka for Portfolio Category

300 taka for Cell Phone Category
You can pay the entry fee through Bkash (01843788751 or ) or can give it to a TTL representative (name and phone no of representatives are mentioned below). At first you have to send your pictures through Email and then you have to pay the Entry Fee. Without Entry Fee your picture will not be eligible for contest.

There are a total of two prizes in each category. Two winners will be selected for each category. There is a Grand Prize for the Best Photographer of the contest also. Total 40 shortlisted photographs will be displayed in the exhibition (Date and Venue of the Exhibition will be announced later).

• OOB Photo of the year: A DSLR Camera
• Winner of each category: 8,000 BDT and a Crest
• Runner-up for each category: 3,000 BDT and a Crest

• Honorary Mention each category: a Crest

Rules of Entry
1. A Photographer can participate in all categories or any two categories or one category.

2. Entrants may submit up to a maximum of 3 photos for Single Photo and Cell Phone Category. For Portfolio category each participant can send 5 to 10 pictures as a portfolio.

3. Entries are only eligible if they include a) a title for each photo in English, b) the place the photo was taken, c) the entrant’s name, phone number & email address.

4. Every Photograph should be renamed as follow;

” Photo Title_Photographer’s Name ” 

For example, Back to Home_Shudipto Das

5. Borders, Watermarks, signature, logo are strictly prohibited.

6. No responsibility is accepted for ineligible entries or entries made fraudulently.

7. For portfolio category, judges can edit the number and the sequence of the photos if necessary.

8. Decisions by the competition judges are final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding their decisions.

9. Please send each category image in a separate e-mail and mention the category name in email subject.

10. The images can be color or B&W, but must be at least 300 dpi resolutions, in JPEG format, with a maximum file size of 10 MB.

11. Please don’t submit images that were submitted to this competition in previous years.

12. The copyright will remain with the photographer and photographs will not be used for any commercial purpose without the consent of the photographer. But TTL may use the submitted images for the exhibition’s promotional purpose.

13. TTL reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the competition any time.

The panel of judges selected by Organizer will collectively select the winners. Qualified photos are defined as those completely complying with the Official Rules. The judges will select the winners based on the following judging criteria: (1) Creativity 50%; (2) Photographic quality 25%; (3) Relevance to theme 25%.

The Judges are

1. Saud A Faisal: Freelancer Photographer and the founder of TTL Photography Club.

2. Andrew Biraj: Country representative photographer of Reuters, World Press award Winner and faculty of Counter Foto.

3. Aninda Kabir Avik: Freelance Photographer and creative artist

Coordinator of the Exhibition
Shudipto Das (01711507894)


Contact Persons for Entry Fee:

Gulshan Area: Sharif Ripon (01713426518)

Bashundhara Area: Shudipto (01711507894)

Uttara Area: Ekram (01671234827)

Mirpur Area: Munim (01711501392)

Motijhil Area: Galib (01817546806)

Old Dhaka Area : Jewel (01672503850)

Dhanmondi Area: Rabbani (01671113350)



Photo (c) Rakib Hasan Sumon

Design and Concept: Aninda K Avik